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Hi! My name is Timo and I'm a Full Stack Application developer and DevOps engineer by day and tinker with fun things by night. Aside from that, you'll probably find me riding my bike, playing the piano or having fun with friends.

Recent posts from my blog

Fixing nginx-rtmp exec directives in Docker

posted on Mar 30, 2023 I built and prepared some project using the nginx-rtmp module. Once everything worked as intended, I started packing it into a Docker image - and suddenly all exec_* directives in the nginx-rtmp config stopped working. Let me invite you to a long debugging session... Read more ›

Authorizing administrative tasks as non-root user in GNOME

posted on Sep 12, 2021 Is GNOME asking for your root user password when doing administrative tasks? Here's how to make GNOME behave like sudo and ask for your user password. Read more ›

Installing Arch Linux on ZFS

posted on Mar 13, 2021 A complete guide to install Arch Linux on ZFS, "The last word in filesystems", step by step. Read more ›

Getting started with PlatformIO and CLion

posted on Jan 25, 2021 A short introduction to using PlatformIO with CLion for programming an ESP32 MCU outlining some special quirks and tricks to keep in mind. Read more ›

Convenience methods for Axios

posted on Jan 21, 2021 Short snippet to add convenience methods to the Axios HTTP library. Read more ›

Rendering HTML to PDF in Laravel and Docker

posted on Jan 13, 2021 You want to generate PDF files from HTML and CSS but don't want to limit yourself to some few CSS features that for example MPDF can process? Well, I'm happy to tell you that Chrome can do just that. 🎉 (And it works not only in PHP) Read more ›

Hello World.

posted on Jan 12, 2021 Hi there! 👋 Welcome to my blog. Read more ›